Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Washington State History Song

  History for Ninnies proudly presents their biggest (and only) video of the summer...the Washington State History Song!
  This video also stars Calvin (our little brother) who has appeared briefly in previous HFN videos in such prestigious roles as Eusebius and the big brother who gets hit with a ball. Here, he takes on the challenging role of Che. (Any similarities to any narrator type characters from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita are completely intentional.)
  Watch this video, and you will remove all need to take a Washington State History class in high school! (Almost.) Enjoy!

Sophie Klomparens

Forever: The Musical

  This musical by the History for Ninnies staff (the word "staff" is used in the broadest possible sense, considering the fact that neither Caleb nor I are paid) was written as a skit for the 2013 WA/BC JCL convention. Forever not only won the skit contest, but also rapidly won nationwide recognition and fame. Please enjoy Forever, based on the story of Homer's Iliad and the tale of the fall of Troy...
  ...Because through you, Troy will go on...

Sophie Klomparens

The Thomas Aquinas Cooking Show

  History for Ninnies presents...the Thomas Aquinas Cooking Show!
  This video was created after we read some of the works of Thomas Aquinas and noted his incredibly...ah...eloquent writing style. Please enjoy!

Sophie Klomparens